Is one of the classical dance banjo mentioned in Hikayat Banjar. This dance is performed in the kingdom of Banjar according to a report by the Dutch who visited the palace last Banjar. In presenting this dance the dancers holding a bow and arrow called dadap. They jump with this weapon, holding up a foot, moving very quickly. As if they were forced to defend themselves from attacks coming from all angles.

  1. Dance Baksa Arrow

A traditional dance classic type that expresses a noble skill in using a bow and arrow at a time to hunt animals in the jungle.

  1. Dance Baksa Hupak

Is one of the classical dance mentioned in Hikayat Banjar Banjar.


  1. Baksa Dance Flower

Is a kind of classical dance as a dance reception Banjar great guests coming to South Kalimantan, the dancers are women. This dance is a solo dance and can be played olehb several female dancers.

Baksa flower dance including classical dance types that live and thrive in the kingdom of Banjar, which is danced by the daughters of the palace. Gradually, it spread to folk dance with the dancers galuh Banjar Banjar-galuh.